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Nothing could make Paul Jackson feel more alive than launching skyward with silver wings slicing through an intolerably beautiful landscape. Operating an air charter company with only one airplane is challenging at the best of times, but for Paul, the daily rigors of bush flying are overshadowed by his passion for flight. Unhindered by slim profit margins and an aging Cessna, Paul and long-time friend Dave McMurray rarely pass up the opportunity to journey aloft, risking all to appease a fledgling clientele.

On a spur-of-the-moment request, Paul hastily agrees to fly an important load of cargo to a rustic hideaway nestled in the shoreline of a picturesque mountain lake. As lodge owner Jack Ward awaits his delivery, poor weather not only threatens his plans to promote his resort, but Jack quickly discovers that certain things in his methodical life are simply beyond his control.

Paul’s compulsive need to keep his plane airborne and provide for his family supersedes his moral compass. As the wheels lift from the patchy asphalt runway, Paul starts to consider the ramifications of his decisions, including the possible end to a career he loves and the inevitable reality of hurting those he cares about the most.

When multiple challenges arise in a short window of time, Paul and Dave must work together to not only preserve their livelihood, but also, quite possibly, their lives. In the process, Paul is forced to realign priorities, wrestle with life’s unpredictability, and come to terms with the idea that a flight today is no guarantee of wings in the air tomorrow.