“DELIVERIES really delivers! Interesting characters…an imaginative plot…and when the action starts, I couldn’t put it down!”

DELIVERIES” is an energetic adventure story which is clearly a labor of love by the author, Paul Smyth. Paul has creatively woven together his love of aviation, his love of writing, and the use of memories from his life into an exciting fictional story. The publication of this debut novel is inspiring for others, with the realization that with perseverance and determination, personal dreams can come true!

“[Congratulations for] writing such a thrilling, action-packed adventure story. The plot is excellent, the story flows really well, the characters are well-developed and interesting, and they each have their own unique voice.”


– Anne-Marie Downey, Editor

As a newbie author, it’s an incredibly surreal feeling to finally hold DELIVERIES in my hands! I’m so excited to share this adventure with readers, and hope that everyone who cracks the cover, will smile as broadly as me! If you’re looking for a whirl-wind adventure that’s for anyone aged 10-100, then this is a page-turning tale you won’t be able to put down! Check below for a sampling of 5 STAR reviews as submitted by an ever growing and extremely enthusiastic readership!

Post-Release Reviews:

AMAZON: 5 STAR – Let’s be honest: this is a damn good read.

Only the author will never approve of my use of a (lighter) expletive; ‘DELIVERIES’ is one of the few stories I’ve encountered that finds appropriate ways to avoid them. But you’ll be tempted to reach for a plethora of exclamations when you turn page after page of this airborne adventure. I know I did. A few of them; correction, more than a few of them were compelled by the author’s instinct for taking the reader to the edge, only to postpone the payoff until just the right moment. To be sure, I hate that! — But I love this book. And I thoroughly loved how he did it. (To be sure, I’d like to know how he does it.) Curiously, the entire 581-page adventure covers the timeframe of one 24-hour window. On its face, that makes no sense. How can a writer preserve suspense across more than 500 pages when the nonstop action takes place in the space of a day? Well, I’m not a pilot, either. Yet it’s easier to explain Bernoulli’s Principle (the one that suggests a single prop or a four-engine 747 stays aloft for the same reason a Frisbee does), than it would be to explain how this author is able to keep you within stretching distance of your flotation device below your seat. This is a really satisfying read. You will come to embrace the characters — and miss them — once the book is over. But the action goes on seemingly forever. Indeed, I’m still thinking about it now.

Ralph Scott – Narrator/Producer

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AMAZON: 5 STAR – A thrilling ride into the world of bush flying!

Paul Smyth takes the reader on a ride they won’t forget as we explore the wonders and dangers of bush flying. Expertly taking us through the characters experiences and motivations, the story covers only 24 hours or so, but is jam-packed with nail-biting tension and character development. Beloved, legendary machines like the Super Cub and Maule make an appearance, which will delight amateurs of this kind of extreme piloting. There’s a pilot saying that says a pilot starts with two buckets: one full of luck, and one empty for experience. The trick is to fill the latter before the former gets empty. As we follow Paul and Dave and their loved ones on a weekend fraught with the unexpected, we wonder at every turn what bucket will decide their fate.

Raphael Relat

AMAZON: 5 STAR – Lots of ups and downs and twists and turns!

This is a great story and suitable for all ages (as in no swearing or smut). Lots of suspense and “up and downs,” literally and figuratively! Definitely kept me up too late several nights during Covid lockdown. Glad to have had it to pass the time. All in all, well done!


This is

This is a great story and suitable for all ages (as in no swearing or smut). Lots of suspense and “ups and downs,” literally and figuratively! Definitely kept me up too late several nights during this Covid lockdown. glad to have had it to pass the time. All in all, well done! J.O.

AMAZON: 5 STARLooking for an excellent, thrilling read? Try Deliveries!

I am familiar with this author’s writing style from previous writings, and I know firsthand that it appeals to real people. I have been chomping at the bit, so to speak, to read this book for at least two years prior to publication. I was NOT disappointed! In fact, the book was far better than I could have ever imagined.

The author’s many colorful characters are authentic people with real struggles, real feelings and real reactions, and he has the talent of making you feel their fears, their joys and their battles. As you “fly” through this 24 hour window, jampacked with the kind of adventure we all crave but most of us would rather read about than live, you will literally find yourself on the edge of your seat, biting your fingernails so to speak, as you see, feel, hear and smell every detail of this thrilling tale.

Lynona Gordon

AMAZON: 5 STAR – Believable. Attention holding. Well written.

Paul Smyth gives his readers an in-depth experience of small aircraft flying, while at the same time leads them into side and back stories. Each character brings new facets in for the readers’ consideration and handling. Some characters were wont to be chastised, others praised, yet others needed to be shot! Expect to be exhausted from the turmoil abounding with ‘edge of your seat’ experiences. A book not easily put down. Worthy of your time.

Priscilla B Shuler