From the start, this book has been a labour of love. Since I was little, I’ve always dreamed of writing a novel, a daunting task I never considered possible. But then one day I sat down and began to type. Word after word, chapter after chapter, a narrative began to develop. This adventure started with a simple idea. There was no story outline, nor did I know how it would end. As a fledgling author, it was equal to viewing a movie for the first time and experiencing the thrill of not knowing where it would take me! In many ways, DELIVERIES is an outpouring of my heart. The saga is fictional, but the words are infused with personal memories. Years later when I typed the last word of my final chapter, I realized I had accomplished something special; a personal goal realized and a dream come to pass. Without reservation, I can honestly say the pleasure of authoring this tale has far out-weighed many a sleepless night! It is my hope that the words inside this book will leave you grinning from ear to ear! Thanks for sharing in my adventure!

Warmest regards,

Paul Smyth

SIDE NOTE: It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 3 years since the initial release of my debut novel DELIVERIES. I look back and marvel at all the people who have sent me photos of where they are reading the book. (See below) Without readers and their support, all of my efforts to author a book and fulfil a dream would have been for not. As a result, I’m working on another exciting adventure that will pick up roughly where DELIVERIES left off! The manuscript is finished and I am currently editing and beta-reader testing, so please be patient as I hash out another nail-biting aerial romp, complete with new characters and of course, Paul Jackson and Dave McMurray, our ever intrepid bush-pilot adventurers who seem to find trouble wherever their silver wings take them! Or does trouble find them? Stay tuned!

SECOND SIDE NOTE: DELIVERIES is now available through AMAZON as a KINDLE version!

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THIRD SIDE NOTE: If you want to know more about DELIVERIES and my personal adventure in writing it, check out my AUTHOR INTERVIEW as posted on THE INDIE BOOKSTORE website! It’s a fun read and will provide some background on my writing journey as a first time published author! Click this INDIE BOOKSTORE link. (You won’t regret it!) Or, if you’re into watching a very cool video about DELIVERIES, take a gander at a news story produced by CityNews right here in my home city of Edmonton, Alberta! Click this CITYNEWS link and grab the popcorn!

I love spending time in the great outdoors, especially in the beautiful Canadian Rockies, where my dear wife enjoys taking pictures of the local wildlife…me! The mountains are certainly my happy place and one of inspiration for DELIVERIES! I am currently editing a sequel to DELIVERIES, and believe that in order to complete such a monumental task all over again, that I will need several more trips to the stunning natural beauty of Banff and Jasper National Parks in Alberta, Canada to fulfil my lofty objective.

Receiving copies of my book for the very first time was a dreamlike experience, yet at the same time was remarkably gratifying! I found myself staring at them a long time while absently wondering who’s books they were and how did my name get on the cover? As I update this post, I can honestly say that special feeling has never really left me! Authoring a book is both an honor and a privilege; an adventure that I will never take lightly and one that I’m striving to repeat! Incredibly. DELIVERIES recently won the The Brew Readers’ Choice Award for Best Action Thriller for 2021/2022 and was also a finalist in the IAN Book of the Year Award, of the Independent Author Network! (See photo below!) Also, DELIVERIES and myself as the author were featured in an Australian magazine. (See photo collage below)

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